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Esther Mouse | A Little Courage Doll


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Esther may seem quite tiny, but she is very powerful -
"Have a little courage," she says, encouraging us to listen to our heart's callings.
"I know you can do it," she whispers with all earnestness, edging us on to pursue our hidden talents, to caste aside our fears and doubts, and to boldly, courageously, take a step towards our dreams. She is forevermore your sweetest and bravest companion, she'll always be by your side, in your pocket, at your desk, ready for whatever encouragement you need - as pursuing our dreams can take great courage. She is the voice of the child within you, full of possibility, imagination, creativity and hope.

A Little Courage Dolls are heirloom, eco-friendly and sustainably handmade dolls. Each doll is made from all-natural materials, sewn on a foot-treadle Singer sewing machine and stuffed with wool by Hilary Jean Tapper in Aotearoa New Zealand. Inside Esther's heart is a tiny message, 'I am a vessel of Love'. Her essence is an infinite Love, and her purpose is to give that Love.

Esther comes in a beautiful box full of treasures including a tiny vintage suitcase with her bedding and journal.

She is approximately 12cm in height and has removable clothing. Please specify below which dress you would like (scroll right to see the dress options). Add extra outfits for your Esther by selecting them in the shop.

Esther ships within 1-3 working days. Free Shipping Worldwide.
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  • Blue Stripe Dress 10 in stock

  • White Dress 10 in stock

  • Dress A 10 in stock

  • Dress B 10 in stock

  • Dress C 10 in stock

  • Dress D 10 in stock

  • Dress E 10 in stock

  • Dress F 10 in stock

  • Dress G 10 in stock

  • Dress H 10 in stock

  • Dress I 10 in stock